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About us

Darin Wheatley, Whole Leaf Healing Tree proprietor, has continued to work teaching hydroponics in Regina for 22 yrs, 40 yrs growing vegetables, house plants plus 35 years cultivating the art of growing cannabis.

With the proper indoor grow room supplies and a bit of direction, anyone can grow vegetables, orchids, house plants, herbs, micro-greens, cannabis and many other plants indoors.

Indoor growing can become an attractive healthy hobby, possible side project or extra income, best part, its your garden and you say what goes! That makes sense.

Darin, a three time Prairie Harvest Cannabis Cup (Saskatoon) Winner (2014-2016), continues to be the local hydroponic guru, author, plant teacher, visionary, speaker, health healer, poet, artist and truth seeker that many have come to know and respect.

Whether thinking of growing a few cannabis plants or your own veggie garden, we have the knowledge, service, nutrients and the equipment to get you gardening today!