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Cinagro Bio-Worm Clear Earthworm Castings Extract 4L

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BIO-WORM differs from other products on the market because it contains concentrated extracts of various red worm vermicomposts.
Red worm vermicompost is scientifically recognized for its high content of soluble trace elements and its strenght microbial activity (higher than in the traditional compost). This difference is due to the biochemical process of decomposition involving mesophilic bacteria and fungi which are stimulated by the activity of red worms.

- Contains high concentrations of humic acids (40% to 60% higher than in compost tea) 
- Activate the links between minerals, thus facilitating their uptake by plants
- Humic compounds play an hormonal part similar to auxin, are antioxidant and have highly effective pest control effect
- High content of microorganisms, humic substances, growth regulators and soluble and chelated trace elements
- Stimulate biological activity of the soil, plant growth and intensify the color of the foliage
- Improve plant health while reducing fertilizer requirements (better absorption of nutrients), they do not burn plant roots (even in overdose)