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Zenarium Space Booking Dates and Times

Original price $30.00 - Original price $65.00
Original price
$30.00 - $65.00
Current price $65.00
The Zenarium: The Zenarium was imagined in the summer of 2020-2021 constructed out of the recycled dome off of the old Saskatchewan Science Center and is now functioning as a private space for breathing, grounding, healing and self awareness. It is filled with highly oxygenating living tropical plants and cacti, grounded by earth, soil, sand and rock while surrounded in serene zen tranquility providing a sanctuary for ones human spirit to evolve.
  • LOCATION: 46 Milford Cres. Regina, Sask. backyard entrance
Tuesdays: You must first purchase Zenarium space for person1-2 initially added to cart, then add person 3-4  to cart, then add person 5-6 to cart all together for up to a total of six people if desired.
If first purchasing option for person1-2  is un-available then the space has already been booked for that time and date.
You could then try one of the other time slots. We then re-new on Wednesday for the  following Tuesday's three available Zenarium times.
Once your space has been booked, we will send you an order confirmation.
  • 1-2 people initial cost $65 = $65
  • 3-4 people add cost $40 = $105
  • 5-6 people add cost $30 = $135
  • Awake  8am-11am 
  • Aware  12pm-3pm 
  • Arrive  4pm-7pm
You will be greeted at the Zenarium entrance and given access to the space with an introduction for the times you have purchased.
You can stay as long as your time allows and depart whenever you are ready.
If you would like to pre-book the Zenarium space, please contact us directly at the Whole Leaf Healing Tree to discuss your options.

                                                       (Coming Winter 2024) 
  • Zenarium Dreams
Saturday: 2 people for $230 plus 2 visitors until 2am
  • Overnight from 4pm-10am

Itinerary: What we have and allow:

-very clean and regularly sanitized indoor vented private outhouse

-hot and cold filtered water dispenser plus washing basin for cleaning and drainage

-space heated by furnace very comfortable also vented with fans for clean fresh air

-chairs for sitting with a table and a one person hammock for laying and rocking

-fridge as well as coffee machine or tea plus excellent drinking water with cups included

-food is allowed whether it is your own or ordered in, please clean up afterwards

-bluetooth speakers available for your own serene music pleasure

-extreme moderate adult discretion advised with drugs, alcohol and cell phone use. (discuss with proprietor before indulging too heavily!)

What we don't have or allow:

-no running water, shower, bath, plumbed toilet, sink or taps

-no refunds on spots, once the space is reserved it is reserved.

-no smoking unless it's a joint! (smoking and vaping outside only!)

-extreme moderate adult discretion advised with drugs, alcohol and cell phone use. (discuss with proprietor before indulging too heavily!)

-please wear clean clothes free of animal hair and possible plant pests

-please bring sunglasses and dry, clean, comfortable foot wear especially for sand area

-don't dig feet into sand more than a couple inches please or handle plants to heavily although we do have some mealy bugs and squishing is allowed and encouraged.

-respect quiet hours, definitely no large parties or gatherings

-no unattended candles, incense or open flames and don't put anything out into the soil it can start a fire!

Other Stuff:

-please be punctual and on time as we like to do a thorough cleaning and revitalize the space before our next visitors arrive.

-consulting by Zenarium living plants via earthing, grounding, oxygen therapy, practicing the art of silence and relaxation in the privacy of your own mind!

-we welcome other businesses to utilize our serene space possibly reiki, meditation, gong baths and singing bowls, massage, kambo, yoga, self therapy, etc...

-we also welcome people suffering from any number of diseases, ailments, addictions, past traumas and so forth to utilize our living space as a good way to escape the everyday ordinary plus it's a great winter break!

  -we love the presence of your visit, we hope you enjoy the space while it keeps you safe and would have you sign our guest book as a memory for us and you, PLUS it will also serve as our no-liability insurance.

-we welcome you to experience The Zenarium as we work towards making it a comfortable functioning spot for many spirits to stay well and enjoy!