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G.E.T Let's Bloom A & B

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All plant foods are built with the same 13 elements, but the source of these elements do make a difference. For instance; if you want to add Calcium which one do you choose and from whom: Calcium Nitrate[Ca(NO3)2], Calcium Chloride [CaCL2-6H2O], Calcium Sulfate [CaSO4- 2H2O], Calcium Oxide [CaO], Mono Calcium Phosphate [Ca(H2PO4)2] and Calcium Limestone [Carbonate CaCO3] , Triple Super Phosphate [CaH4(PO4)2], Calcium Hydroxide [Ca(OH)2], each has a specific use within plant nutrition. Now take into the fact that most manufactures of fertilizer salts build each type of fertilizer salts, with some having better solubility than others.

Growing Edge Technologies has built their Let's Grow A & B and Let's Bloom A & B, with certain manufactures fertilizer salts. G.E.T. owners have been building hydroponic plant foods for over 25 years and have tried the same formulas with different manufactures fertilizer salts, achieving different results and now we only build our plant foods with these proven mineral salts. And when you use our formulas G.E.T. knows that you to will notice the difference in your favorite crops.

Many manufacturers of plant food build their plant food to be pH stable. pH buffers such as 2-(N_morpholino) ethanesulfonic acid - abbreviated to MES will stabilize the nutrient solution. We, at Growing Edge Technologies (G.E.T.) build our plant food without pH stabilization capabilities, allowing the grower to monitor the nutrient solution and fix a situation before it becomes a problem with their yield.