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Pura Vida Organic Grow

by Eddi's
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Pura Vida Grow Fertilizer is a plant fertilizer specifically formulated to promote lush, green foliage, and accelerate shoot and root development throughout the vegetative stage of plant growth.

Pura Vida Grow contains significant amounts of readily available organic nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), as well as a complement of essential micro nutrients that vegetative plants require to sustain rapid aggressive growth.

Formulated from various plant materials and subjected to a fermentation process, Pura Vida Grow enhances the initial growth stage of plants and provides both a balanced and available nutrient supply with continued use.

Pura Vida Grow Liquid Fertilizers are effective organic fertilizers for foiliar, soil and hydroponic applications. Made from fermented organic materials, they contain natural humates, micro nurtrients and microbiological activity. Useful for both transplant production and field and garden applications, they will give a little boost that will help your crops through periods of stress or fertility deficiencies. Dilution is approx. 2-4 tsp/4L water.