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Reverse Dragon

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  • Male Flowers Causing Headaches & Ruining Your Crop?
  • What An Ugly Sight! Every Growers Worst Nightmare!
  • Simply Spray Gold Range REVERSE With The Lights On – It’s That Easy!
  • No Dilution Required. Ready To Spray

You’ve heard the rumors……… Well it’s true! Experience for yourself what “those in the know” have been talking about. Reverse Dragon 1L 0-0.018-0.02 Flower Spray is the latest design in ‘unwanted-flower’ foliar sprays and follows on from our world renown original Reverse that was designed by our in-house Plant Physiology and Biochemistry scientists.

Reverse Dragon 1L 0-0.018-0.02 Flower Spray is a ready to use (no dilution required) foliar spray that quickly and efficiently helps to bring peace to a grower’s worst nightmare…. awful seed problems! The unique formulation enables Reverse Dragon 1L 0-0.018-0.02 Flower Spray to help reduce that headache!

Modern science allows Reverse Dragon 1L 0-0.018-0.02 Flower Spray to achieve this remarkable feat by its beneficial effects on the Mesophyll layer of the plant. This layer is responsible for most of a plants energy production (photosynthesis) and more importantly is the starting point of all the metabolic pathways. Simply put, the selected minerals provide your plants with the vigor they need to channel the correct metabolites in the pathways responsible for flowering, helping to correct any imbalances.

End result for you when you use Reverse Dragon 1L 0-0.018-0.02 Flower Spray… LESS MALE HEADACHES!

With Reverse Dragon 1L 0-0.018-0.02 Flower Spray, you don’t have to reduce your nutrient strength substantially like many other products or experience the severity of plant droop that can often occur.

Spray your plants a few days into the flower cycle, until the leaves are saturated, then spray once more 10 days later.

Note: Reverse Dragon 1L 0-0.018-0.02 Flower Spray will not turn a male plant into a female plant.