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House & Garden Rhizo Force 4.54kg

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House & Garden Rhizo Force is a 100% natural blend of ingredients designed to protect against pathogenic fungi like Pythium. This formula also speeds up vegetative growing times by supplementing your medium with essential nutrients.

Rhizo Force gives all the key ingredients needed for the plant to thrive whilst forming a symbiotic relationship with the medium. It creates a microbial defence system in the root-zone, protecting your plants.
This formula gives you beneficial bacteria, enzymes and mycorrhizal fungi in one - helping to take in nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it into a form that’s available to your plants, break down matter into useable food for your plants and increase the roots overall surface area, improving the plants ability to take up nutrients from the soil. It is worth noting that Mycorrhizal do use up a small amount of plant sugars so it would be worth supplementing with a product that contains carbohydrates.


Benefits of Rhizo Force include:

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Speeds up vegetative growing times
  • Provides you with enzymes, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae in one
  • For use in soil, coco and peat based mediums