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Seaweed Juice

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Are you ready to bring your plants to the NEXT LEVEL?

Seaweed Juice is made from 100% pure seaweed concentrate. An EXCELLENT source of trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium and more - all the nutrients needed to grow healthy, beautiful plants!

Liquid seaweed is different from specific NPK fertilizers. It contains approximately 70 trace minerals that NPK fertilizers do not offer AND it can be used with NPK fertilizers to give your plants that added BOOST

Using Seaweed Juice through ALL growing stages will result in much larger and healthier vegetation!

Pure Atlantic Harvest's Seaweed Juice is recommended for ALL houseplants, gardens, lawns and MORE!

Seaweed Juice is EXCELLENTLY designed for spray and drip irrigation systems, meaning it WILL NOT clog! And has gone through a guaranteed analysis.

Directions - dilute 5ml into 1L of water and water once per week, with regular watering in between. For large applications, dilute one jug of Seaweed Juice into 250L of water.