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Green Planet Liquid W8

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What is it?

Liquid Weight is a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates along with proprietary extracted triacontinol, yucca extracts, bio-available amino acids, ascorbic acid and low molecular weight humic acid. These ingredients are what give your plants the natural ability to produce it’s own carbohydrate supply. Liquid Weight is an excellent carbohydrate supplement that provides an added energy source for your plants giving you huge impressive fruits and flowers. Beneficial carb sources support both your plant directly and act as a food source for the microbial life in the root zone. This leads to an increased absorption of essential nutrients and growth stimulants such as triacontanol.Liquid Weight as previously stated is an expansive blend of simple and complex carbohydrates. We have used multiple sources of carbohydrates to make sure we have achieved the right profile of ratio to enable the maximum benefit. In order for carbohydrates to be absorbed with the least amount of effort a humic source such as fulvic acid is needed to help chelate and elicit a hormone like response that increases the permeability of the root membranes allowing much easier uptake. Liquid Weight has natural surfactants such as yucca and the naturally derived plant steroid triacontanol. The formula is balanced with bio-available L form amino acids and ascorbic acid. With all these components Liquid Weight is the premier flowering carbohydrate super supplement.

How does it work?

Liquid Weight works by providing a blend of carbohydrates that the plant can utilise as a food source. Flowering plants tend to expend an enormous amount of energy producing floral sites and fruiting bodies. By supplying a readily available food source such as Liquid Weight the plant has the ability to focus on creating more flower sites with larger flowers and fruit naturally increasing yield. Plants as mentioned need an abundant steady flow of energy. In order for a plant to absorb carbohydrates efficiently they need to have present plant hormones or substances that behave like plant hormones such as humic substances that allow for rapid assimilation. Humic substances also have a chelating effect on essential elements providing easy transport into the plant tissue where they can be utilised. Liquid Weight uses multiple forms of carbohydrates both simple and complex assuring the plant always has a steady supply of essential carbs.

An added benefit to introducing carbohydrates via the root zone is that they provide a carbon source for beneficial microbes that when properly supported with a product such as Liquid Weight can expand the ability of the root zone to absorb nutrients and other substances by up to 500%. Increased transport of vital fluids directly translates to increased yields both in mass and quality. Added triacontanol allows the plant to assimilate more cabon dioxide, speed up photosynthesis, increase cell density and put on a considerable size. Triacontanol has been long considered a steroid for plants that can be found in Beeswax (source for Green Planet) and waxy cuticles of some plants. By adding triacontanol, growth rates and yields can be increased by up to 45%. Liquid Weight is a multi-dimensional product that is build up on balance and purpose which is why we also add L-form amino acids and natural surfactants such as yucca schidegra to tie it all together so that all the parts work in harmony maximising your quantity and quality.

Why it works?

Liquid Weight works because it contains the following: UNIQUE CARBOHYDRATE BLEND- Dextrose, arabinose, xylose, glucose, fructose, maltose are just some of the carbohydrates in Liquid W-8 which are derived from organic unsulfured molasses, natural corn dextrose, wild honey and raw sugar cane to form a truly outstanding flowering supplement. External sources of carbohydrates allow the plant to focus its energy on flowering and essential oil production instead of taxing itself trying to produce food.LOWER MOLECULAR WEIGHT HUMIC ACID- Also known as fulvic acid, plays a vital role as a chelator of essential minerals and organic compounds allowing them to pass through cell membranes much more efficiently. Fulvic acid stimulates enzume production critical for plant functions. One of the most important functions of fulvic acid is its ability to transport the other components of Liquid Weight and other important flowering materials into the cells where they are needed most. L-FORM AMINO ACIDS- These are the building blocks of protein. Only L-Form amino acids are assimilated properly by plants. L-amino acids help to increase chlorophyll concentration leading to higher rates of photosynthesis. They have a chelating effct on micro nutrients, increasing the absorption and transportation throughout the plant. L-amin acids are also precursosrs or activators of photohormones and growth substances enhancing the levels of terpenoids, phenolics, flavonoids and alkaloids. They also help reduce plant stress by strengthening cell walls.TRIACONTANOL- This is an alcohol based sugar found in high concentrations of beeswax and alfalfa. It has a wide series of effects stimulating the natural production of plant hormones inolved in flowering. Triacontanol has been proven to stimulate photosynthesis, increase chlorophyll content, increase cell density and increase CO2 assimilation while allowing the plant to process more light to supercharge the production of essential fluids and cell building. Triacontanol found in Liquid Weight has been proven scientifically to have a direct effect on dry weight. Triacontanol is not found in that many products due to its high expense. WE use a unique series of extraction techniques to ensure a consistent and powerful source of this amazing plant steroid. YUCCA SCHIDEGRA- This is a natural surfactant rich in saponins that allows the components in Liquid Weight to be fully utilised. ASCORBIC ACID- This is an essential vitamin found in all plant cells and is said to be responsible for many of the processes in plant growth and maturity . Plants require adequate amounts of this vitamin in order to support rapid cell growth, protect the plant from the harmful effects of UV light, and to dramatically increase the resin and essential oil content of the flowers.

Key Points

  • Instant energy for plants
  • Food Source for beneficial microbes
  • Contains a complex blend of carbohydrates
  • Increases resin and essential oil production
  • Great value
  • Protects against plant stress
  • Increases flavour and taste
  • Increases yields