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Autopot 4 Pot System Kit

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Autopot System
  • Automatic and extendable self-watering system
  • Operated by gravity pressure
  • Easy to use in all environmental conditions
  • Increase yields and reduce consumption of water
  • Most environmentally friendly watering systems in the world
  • No loss of water, run-off or leakage
  • Easy to extend and modify
  • No need of power, pump or timer to operate !
  • Ideal for all type of gardeners, professional or not
Detailed description
  • Available sizes : 4 Pots + 47L tank

    Package Includes
    1x 47L (12.4gal) reservoir & lid
    4x 14,7L (3.9gal) pot
    4x 1Pot tray & lid
    1x 6mm (¼”) top hat grommet
    1x 6mm (¼”) golf filter
    2x 6mm (¼”) cross connector
    4x 6mm (¼”) tee connector
    2x 6mm (¼”) inline tap
    4x AQUAvalve
    1x 3,9m (13ft) of 6mm (¼”) pipe
    4x Root Control Disc black & gold