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BudTrainer BudClips 20/pack

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Train Your Plants & Increase Your Yields With The BudClipsTM

Plant Training. Made Easy.

The BudClips make plant training fast & easy by removing the need to tie your branches down. That's right! You can train up to 20 branches in less than 2 minutes with the BudClips.


The Strongest Branches

The BudClips work by permanently bending your branches into position, opening up your canopy to more light exposure and airflow, and creating extra strong stalks



The BudClips are mare from 100% recycled plastic.


Why Are The BudClips Special?

  • Reusable & washable for over 10 years
  • Thinnest & strongest design in the market
  • More canopy area airflow and light
  • Fast & easy to train for beginners
  • Reusable package for storage
  • For use on young or older plants